WonderCalm – Super Mushroom Gummies from Plant People


WonderCalm – Super Mushroom Gummies from Plant People


WonderCalm is a daily super mushroom and herbal gummy to ease stress, anxiety, promote a good mood and provide a sense of relaxation when you need it most.

60 gummies per pouch.

Why it’s special:

  • Zero sugar
  • Vegan, non-gmo, gluten-free and no artificial dyes
  • Delicious flavor of ripe peach
  • Ease stress, anxiety and boost mood
  • Heavy-hitting equivalent to 900mg/serving of dry herbs and mushrooms including ashwagandha, reishi and rhodiola
  • Recyclable, resealable, on-the-go pouch

Active ingredients: Ashwagandha root (300mg), reishi mushroom fruiting body (200mg) rhodiola rosea root (200mg), l-theanine (200mg) ;

† herbal equivalent of 10:1 extract

The potent adaptogenic effects, and clinical doses of these 10:1 extracts, deliver an effect you can feel for both in the moment and long term benefit.

Enhance mood*

The blend of relaxation, focus, stamina and energy delivers an unparalleled feeling of being able to tackle the day or any situation with ease.


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