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White CBG Hemp Flower from East Fork and Friends


White CBG Hemp Flower from East Fork and Friends


Our USDA Organic Certified hemp flower is hand harvested, then carefully dried and trimmed.

White CBG boasts large and frosty flowers that exude a creamy lemon aroma. Recent scientific studies suggest that CBG offers a growing number of beneficial therapeutic attributes, and may help users relax and experience euphoria.

Total Cannabinoids: 9.02%
Total CBG: 8.43%
Total CBD: 0.001%
Δ-9-THC: 0.024%
Total Terpenes: 0.975%
Primary Terpenes: a-Bisabolol, b-Caryophyllene, Humulene

Bred by: Oregon CBD
Parentage: The White CBG Chemotype

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1/4 oz


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