West Coast Polypore Blend from Symbiiotica


West Coast Polypore Blend from Symbiiotica


~ Wildcrafted West Coast Polypore Quartette (Artist Conk- Ganoderma applanatum, Rosy Polypore- Rhodofomes cajanderi, Turkey Tail- Trametes versicolor, Red Belted Conk- Fomitopsis pinicola) Triple Extraction Tincture ~

All of these polypore fruiting bodies were intentionally and honorably harvested with love and care from occupied Southern Pomo/Coastal Miwok territory (present day Sebastopol, CA and surrounding areas). The fruiting bodies were then processed and made into potent medicine using a triple extraction technique. This medicine was then allowed to macerate through a full moon cycle, from New Moon to New Moon.

The triple extraction process extracts the full spectrum of constituents from any mushroom ~ the volatile compounds, the polysaccharides, the triterpenes, phenolic compounds, and fatty acids.


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