That Gut Feeling from Symbiiotica


That Gut Feeling from Symbiiotica

That Gut Feeling is a wildcrafted fungal and botanical bitter tonic for digestive health.

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That Gut Feeling

Wildcrafted fungal & botanical bitter tonic for digestive health

That Gut Feeling is a wildcrafted fungal and botanical bitter tonic for digestive health.

Imbibe 1-2 dropperfuls before or after eating for digestive support.


About Symbiiotica

Symbiiotica is a dynamic ecosystem of devotional offerings that work to honor the threads of planetary interdependence.

All mushroom tinctures are made by Symbiiotica are from wild harvested or locally & organically grown fruiting bodies (aka mushrooms, not mycelium). They are processed using a triple extraction method to bring forth the full spectrum of medicinal constituents from the fungi into the medicine.

These rich, abundant, biodiverse, lands of which I live and have the honor to be in relationship with are a product of thousands of years of Indigenous Land Management, ceremony and intentional tending from the original stewards of this land.
With acknowledgment that I, and so many non-Indigenous folk benefit and profit from the gifts of stolen lands, my prayer is that through my actions, I may contribute to the repair, protection and restoration of the ecological, social and cultural relationships that promote regeneration and inter-species harmony.

10% of Symbiiotica medicine proceeds will go towards helping to support the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians current efforts to protect sacred sites located in their ancestral territory; lands that are today known as the Jackson State Demonstration Forest. Learn more here.

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2 fl oz


Brandy, Hedge Nettle*, Lemon Balm*, Lion's Mane Mushroom*, Mugwort*, Peppermint*, Spring Water, Turkey Tail Mushroom*, Wormwood*, Yarrow*



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