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Sleep Herbal Tea from Vana Tisanes


Sleep Herbal Tea from Vana Tisanes

Cultures have been using herbs for sleeping for thousands of years, so it’s only natural to think there’s something to it. Our Sleep blend contains herbs that have mild sedative effects towards the central nervous system. This allows one to relax by quieting the mind and body, especially after a long day of stimulation and energetic activity. Sleep not only encourages the quality of a deep rest, but it also allows you to fall asleep faster.  Best taken right before you get in bed as you start to draw yourself inward with mindful intention of a good night’s rest.

Delicate flavor with notes of hops and chamomile that create a floral delight.

Additional information


Catnip Leaf, chamomile flower*, hop flower*^, lavender flower*, lemon balm leaf*, passionflower*, skullcap*^, st. john's wort*, valerian root*

Flavor Profile

Light, Simple, Slightly Bitter, Slightly Sweet

How Often?

Daily for 2 to 3 weeks at a time and then take a 1 week break. This will avoid sleep dependency.

Use Cautiously If

Allergic to other members of the daisy family, including ragweed, aster, and chrysanthemum, Pregnant, Taking MAO inhibitor antidepressants, Taking sedative or sleeping medications


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