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Mushroom Mocha Milk: Adaptogenic Creamer from Anima Mundi Apothecary


Mushroom Mocha Milk: Adaptogenic Creamer from Anima Mundi Apothecary

Vegan | Gluten Free | 100% Organic

Our Mushroom Mocha Milk is the perfect addition to literally anything —  coffees, chais, ice cream, power protein balls, and even savory sauces like mole! It’s the perfect combination of heirloom organic cacao, our dreamy coconut cream powder, and boosted with our seven adaptogenic mushroom blend. Purposefully unsweetened!

This blend is 100% organic and made with organic and locally grown mushroom extract powders. Our extract powders are double extracted and bioavailable, therefore ready for instant use.

Key Benefits:

+ Adaptogenic.

+ Vegan and nourishing creamer.

+ Loaded with iron and magnesium.

+ May boost immune power.

+ May aid in balancing the body.

+ Can support the proper function of many organ systems.

+ May help relieve stress.

+ Great for kids!


Ingredients: Anima Mundi’s Coconut Cream Powder*, Heirloom Organic Cacao*, and our blend of 7 mushrooms: Reishi*, Chaga*, Cordyceps*, Lions Mane*, Agaricus*, Shiitake*, and Maitake*.


All of our mushrooms are organically grown in Washington State. Our Chaga mushroom is wildcrafted within the area as well.


8oz / 227g fine powder per jar.

37 servings (using 1Tbsp per serving) per container.

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