Libido Herbal Tea from Vana Tisanes


Libido Herbal Tea from Vana Tisanes

Everyone can use help in the bedroom, no matter what they say.  Sexual drive and function is such a complicated process that any number of imbalances in the hormones or systems that run our body can lead to diminished desire.  To help the body focus on it’s desire, we need to focus the body to the desire.  

Libido helps to increase blood flow, particularly to the pelvic area, to improve erectile function as well as to the clitoris and other female sexual organs, creating an intensified sexual experience.  Now that blood is flowing, this blend boosts the production of testosterone in both men and women to enhance hormonal sex drive and then inhibit it’s conversion in order to keep it around longer.  The combination of increased circulation and testosterone along with the included adaptogen herbs you can improve your energy availability and usage to help perform stronger and more efficiently.  Since sex is just as much part of the brain as the body, we have included herbs to enhance brain function, support neurotransmitters and balance our hormonal systems that contribute to sexual dysfunction.  Calming properties also relax the body and reduces stress to help dysfunction of nervous origin.

Potent full bodied herbaceous notes.

Additional information


ashwagandha root*, damiana leaf*, eleuthero root*, ginkgo biloba leaf*, horny goat weed*, muira puama*, saw palmetto berry*, tribulus fruit*

Flavor Profile

Earthy, Rich, Savory, Simple

How Often?

Daily for 6-8 weeks, then take a 1 week break

Use Cautiously If

Congested, Enlarged prostate, Have high blood pressure, History of breast or uterine cancer, Pregnant


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