Immune CBD Tincture from baceae


Immune CBD Tincture from baceae

as soon as you start feeling a scratch in your throat, have a runny nose, or simply subject to susceptible environments, such as traveling, immune will be your choice. the herbs in this blend enhance infection-fighting immune cells and increase the production of immune compounds that protect the body from damage caused by free radicals and helps disarm viruses, preventing them from taking over healthy cells.

offering it in 4 different potencies of broad spectrum hemp extract with 30 servings per bottle:

  • 10 mg hemp extract/serving
    300 mg hemp extract/bottle
  • 20 mg hemp extract/serving
    600 mg hemp extract/bottle
  • 40 mg hemp extract/serving
    1200 mg hemp extract/bottle
  • 80 mg hemp extract/serving
    2400 mg hemp extract/bottle

Additional information


ashwagandha root*, astragalus root*, broad spectrum cannabis hemp*^, echinacea root*, elder berry*, eleuthero root*, ginger root*, olive leaf*, olive oil*^, reishi mushroom*


*organic | °fair trade | ^usa/canada


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