Herbal Revolution by Kathy Langelier


Herbal Revolution by Kathy Langelier

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Herbal Revolution : 65+ Recipes for Teas, Elixirs, Tinctures, Syrups, Foods + Body Products That Heal For readers looking to bring their lives more in tune with nature, herbalist Kathi Langelier lights the way through her natural herbal recipes and tonics that highlight the unique ways herbs support our bodies and minds. From her 20+ years spent studying herbal medicine—including several years living off the land with no running water yet deeply harmonized with nature—Kathi built Herbal Revolution, a renowned brand of herbal products. This book features personality-driven herbal recipes, mindful herbal-medicine practices and rituals, and stress-relieving tips, as well as unique award-winning formulations for teas, tinctures/elixirs, foods, snacks, and skin care products.


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