COSMIK WINK / Barista Elixir from Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary


COSMIK WINK / Barista Elixir from Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary

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A light-hearted formulation enriched with soothing botanicals, sacred Blue Lotus flowers, and delicate Jasmine blossoms to nourish an exhausted nervous system—leaving a feeling a deep tranquility and universal connection.

Milky Oat tops are among those nervine tonics we return to again and again in our formulations to benefit those with mental exhaustion in need of precious cerebral nourishment. This formula excels when used for at least 4-6 weeks to replenish and restore the nervous system.


May be helpful to:

+ Nourish the nervous system
+ Relieve nervous tension
+ Revive creativity
+ Lift the mood
+ Connect to Source
+ Invite magick
+ Expand self-awareness & soul connection


To be served and consumed in pursuance of Divine quietude and Universal connection.


.25 – .5oz or as desired.
Enjoy in fizzy water, cocktails, mocktails, lattes, smoothies, and teas.


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