Coffee Crunch CBD Confection from baceae


Coffee Crunch CBD Confection from baceae

with a dark chocolate ganache like center, inside each of these beauties contain organic, fair trade coffee and chocolate, creamy, organic coconut milk, and to give it that nice textured crunch, we’ve added our organic, fair trade, cacao nibs. not only will it satisfy those chocolate cravings, but you’ll also taste the boldness of the coffee and notice the delightful pairing of flavors with our high quality bitter-sweet chocolate.

20 mg broad spectrum hemp extract/serving

Additional information


66% dark chocolate*°, broad spectrum cannabis hemp*^, cacao nibs*°, coconut milk*°, coconut oil*°, coffee*°, vanilla extract*


*organic | °fair trade | ^usa/canada


gluten-free, nut free, soy-free, vegan


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