60 Collection- CBD Confections from baceae


60 Collection- CBD Confections from baceae

high quality 66% dark chocolate blended with dried raspberries and then coated in dark chocolate, creating a rich amount of flavor and potency in a small package.

60 mg broad spectrum hemp extract/serving


1 each of

bergamot crème | matcha choco | rose cardamom | raspberry chocolate fudge

30 mg cbd + 30 mg cbg x1 piece
60 mg cbd x2 pieces
30 mg cbd + 30 mg cbn x1 piece

240 mg broad spectrum cbd/box

Additional information

Organic Ingredients

Please See Individual Confection Page for Full List of Ingredients


°Fair Trade | ^USA/Canada


Gluten-Free, Nut Free, Soy Free, Vegan


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