As we welcome 2024, the holidays are finally behind us, and that winter chill in the air— what better time to take care of yourself and create new self-care habits and rituals? Sometimes the cold weather can bring attention to areas that need more TLC as aches and pains become more apparent. We would like to invite you to try our Pain Relief Ritual using some of our favorite products to support, nurture, and ease pain, reduce muscle soreness, and soothe inflammation.

We love to start our pain relief from the inside out— using either the inflame cbd tincture or recovery cbd tincture, both from baceae. Both tinctures offer pain relief and reduce inflammation, however the recovery cbd tincture is a bit more sedative and is great for evening post-workout muscle recovery.

Next, a luxurious, soothing, and relaxing bath using the Recovery CBD Bath Salts from Life Elements offers full body pain relief. Not only will these bath salts ease pain and sore muscles, but they will help you relax and ease anxiety. Sip on a hot cup of Recovery Herbal Tea from Vana Tisanes, and you’ve got yourself a date with relaxation.

After your deeply relaxing bath, it’s time to target the specific areas that are causing you trouble. Are your knees aching? Are your neck and shoulders sore? Time to rub on some of baceae’s cbd body butter. This body butter is absolutely amazing and works to relieve pain within minutes.

Now it’s time to further elevate our Pain Relief Ritual with our Ardent Goods products. The Body Wrap, Body Pillow, and Comfort Packs are just what you need invite more comfort, relaxation, and pain relief into your life. Trust us, you deserve it! These Ardent Goods products are easily heated in the microwave, then wrapped around shoulders, feet, back, or anywhere you have any aches that need soothing or warming. Alternatively, in the summer, these wraps and pillows can be placed in the freezer before use as a cold to relieve muscle or joint pain.

As you’re contemplating your 2024 goals, bring more pain relief care into your new year with our nourishing Pain Relief Ritual. 😊

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