We’re excited to share the latest baceae cbd chocolate confections! Baceae has launched 4 new confection flavors and 1 new collection box— and they are simply delicious. 🤩 In both 1 pc and 4 pc size, we’re offering baceae’s Matcha Choco, Bergamot Crème, Almond Butter Cup, and Rose Cardamom. Additionally, we have the 60 Collection— a decadent 4 pc high-dose confection box containing baceae’s Raspberry Chocolate Fudge, Rose Cardamom, Bergamot Crème, and Matcha Choco.

The Almond Butter Cup is for the nut lover— this confection contains our small batch, hand-blended almond butter inside and topped with a beautiful dry roasted almond on top.


The Bergamot Crème has the bright citrus of bergamot, the earthy floral of lavender, and rich 66% dark chocolate to create a truly decadent experience. Combining 30 mg of broad spectrum CBD and 30 mg of CBN, this high-dose confection is the most delicious way to end your day and send you floating to bed.


Matcha Choco is an invigorating and balancing confection that beautifully blends the richness of 66% dark chocolate, the brightness of Japanese ceremonial grade matcha, and the earthiness of lion’s mane mushroom. Combining 30 mg of broad spectrum CBD and 30 mg of CBG, this high-dose confection is delightfully elevating.


Rose Cardamom is an ode to the floral notes of rose and the spicy warmth of cardamom. This high-dose confection is made with 60 mg of broad spectrum CBD, inviting a feeling of ease and sensuality.

Now comes the hard part… which chocolate to try first? 🤤