We’re excited to announce that we are now offering mushroom powders! Our powders utilize only the fruiting body of the mushroom to provide you with the most potent and beneficial parts of the mushroom. All of our mushroom powders are 1:1 extract, meaning that they contain equal parts fruiting body of the mushroom to extract—creating a highly concentrated, potent product.

What is a mushroom extract?

A mushroom extract is created by applying an extraction (such as water or alcohol) to a raw mushroom in order to pull out healthy ingredients. Through extraction, part of the active compounds’ properties release, dissolve, and boost their bioavailability. Extraction procedures enable access to substances that are inaccessible without them. Chitin, a stiff substance also present in fish, crustacean shells, and insect shells, makes up the rough surface of mushrooms. Proteins, polysaccharides, and terpenoids that are locked in the chitin cell wall of the mushroom prevent us from accessing them without heating or extraction.

So what does 1:1 mean?

The amount of dry mushroom needed to create the final concentrated extract is known as a mushroom extraction ratio. For instance, if the mushroom extract ratio was 10:1, 10g of mushrooms would be required for every 1g of extract. But more isn’t always better! Sometimes this is done underhandedly in marketing to make the product appear to have more mushrooms while, in reality, it may just be wasting resources. We feel a 1:1 ratio is just right.

We offer a wide variety of 1:1 mushroom extracts—Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, and Cordyceps mushroom powders that are perfect to add to your morning coffee, tea, smoothie, baked goods, and more!

Choosing your mushroom powder!

Looking for more focus and concentration? Try Lion’s Mane! Hoping to improve your digestion? Chaga is for you. Want to boost your immunity? Turkey Tail has got your back! Do you want to feel energized? Cordyceps will super-charge your routine. How about overall health and wellness? The king of mushrooms, Reishi is for you.

Bring the health benefits of mushrooms into your daily ritual with our mushroom powders.