We’re proud to introduce Lichen The Wild, our labor of love and a celebration of Mother Nature. Lichen  is our scarecrow creation for the Cambria Scarecrow Festival and will be on display at our storefront throughout the month of October.

Lichen The Wild was hand-crafted with ethically wild foraged local plants, flowers, mushrooms, herbs, driftwood, sticks, rocks, you name it! Our whole team worked together to gather materials from Cambria, that celebrate the natural beauty of Cambria. We hope you come by our shop to witness her beauty in person! She gets more and more beautiful as you get closer!

Vote for Lichen The Wild at the Cambria Scarecrow Festival website! On the first question, “Vote for your Favorite Display,” select “Other,” copy and paste the following: Lichen the Wild in front of Plantae & Fungi (750 Sheffield St.)