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Join us for our Sauerkraut Fermentation Workshop with the Bidwells and learn how to ferment sauerkraut with Dave and Cindalee Bidwell on Saturday morning, 9-11am on October 21st at Plantae +Fungi!

We’ll be guided by their decades of experience and expertise. Learn how to use specific fermentation tools safely, how to pack the crock and storage jars, and how to ferment. You will not only be given the equipment and the knowledge to make your own sauerkraut at home, but the sauerkraut you make during the workshop you will bring home to ferment so it’s ready to enjoy by Thanksgiving!

The class will include hands-on demonstration, mandolin and knife techniques, pro and home tool options, guidance on types of salt and ratios and various recipes to use when crafting your own, along with herbs and spices provided to customize your workshop sauerkraut to your liking.

When you attend you will also receive a discount code with Stone Creek Trading for all your future fermentation equipment needs!

Dave and Cindalee have been passionate about fermentation for over 25 years. They’ve trained the culinary staff at Post Ranch Inn on how to make fermented vegetables and are the Cambria locals to go to for all your fermentation questions and needs. For Dave and Cindalee, the art of fermentation is a practice of patience and attention to detail, which they believe makes the difference in the safety, craftsmanship, and spiritual elements of this delicious culinary art.

Sauerkraut is hailed for its probiotic benefits, if you love fermenting as much as we do, but have always been nervous about doing it by yourself, this Sauerkraut Fermentation Workshop with the Bidwells is the class for you!

Come join us at Plantae + Fungi on October 21st, 9-11 am! Space is limited.

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