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Reach Your 2023 Goals— Cacao Ceremony & Workshop

Our newest workshop led by Plantae + Fungi owners Mike & Miho is designed to provide an easy to understand yet actionable overview of setting your goals for 2023. Through this cacao ceremony & workshop, attendees will gain a better understanding of how to set your goals, create actionable bite-size tasks and creating a present moment and awareness practice that will help you reach their goals to make them a reality. It will offer a range of approaches and practices to support participants in setting, and more importantly, reaching their goals.

cacao ceremony

To begin, the workshop will start with a cacao ceremony and education on the benefits of raw cacao to help participants relax their mood and open their minds to the possibilities of the upcoming year. This ceremony will be followed by a guided instruction on how to set 5-10 goals for 2023 and the different strategies for breaking them down into easily attainable smaller tasks – a key step in achieving success. Small steps lead to big movement!

Additionally, the workshop will provide participants with habit and task management tips, tracking your successes, as well as present moment and awareness guidance to help them focus on their goals on daily and even moment to moment basis. Along with positive reaffirmation tips and compassion tips when the inevitable falter occurs.

Finally, the workshop will conclude with tips on how meditation can bring everything together and help you re-dedicate yourself to your habits, tasks and greater goals. Closing the workshop with a meditation session to set the participants’ intentions into place, allowing them to enter the new year with a strong sense of peace, dedication and inspiration!

Seating is limited, so signing up ahead of time is highly encouraged. We will take walk-ins but you may have to stand 🙂

reach your 2023 goals

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