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Navigating Functional Mushrooms

with Ryath Beauchene


Are you overwhelmed by all the mushroom products out there? Do you want to know what to look for, what questions to consider and what makes effective medicine? Whether you are on the fence, buying in stores, or interested in making your own, come join us to grok the intersections of fungal biochemistry, the “functional mushroom” space and some recommended practices. Ryath will also elaborate on commercial products, testing, extraction methods, and lesser known applications of mushrooms for being well!


Navigating Functional Mushrooms with Ryath BeaucheneTeacher Bio

Ryath has been studying, foraging, cultivating, ingesting, making medicine with and absolutely loving fungi for fifteen years. Ryath is also a trained horticulturist and medicinal herb enthusiast-grower who consults with private clients, makes myco-herbal blends & co-stewards Moon Fruit Mushroom Farm & Symbiiotica in Sebastopol, CA. Ryath teaches online & at mycological gatherings, facilitates myco-ecology walks on the CA coast and has also taught through the Occidental Arts & Ecology CenterDaily ActsThe Permaculture Skills Center & the Sonoma County Herb Association.

IG: @funga.dragon    @moonfruitmushroomfarm

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