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Cambria Mycology Immersion 2024

January 20th & 21st, 2024  |  $60 either day or $100 both days

Visit our Eventbrite page to purchase tickets for the full Cambria Mycology Immersion 2024 or individual days.



10am-12pm: Fungal Biology & Ecology
We will start off the day with a presentation all about fungi! We will explore who they are, where we can find them, how they fit in the web of life, what roles they play in global ecologies and so much more.

12pm-1pm: Lunch Break & Open Discussion
Feel free to bring your own food and snacks.

1pm-3pm: Mushrooms of Cambria
We will wrap up the first day overviewing the fungal diversity, biogeography and seasonality of Cambria, highlighting many species of fungi commonly encountered in and around the area. We will guide you through the traits we use to identify mushrooms and how to perceive ecological patterns as mushroom habitats. We will also talk about community science, iNaturalist, the Fungal Diversity Survey and the myriad ways you can contribute as a community scientist.

There will be medicines, art and an assortment of goodies available for purchase. We will also bring various complementary herbal and mushroom infusions as well as filtered water. We encourage you to bring your own mugs or vessel for beverages.

We encourage you to bring any mushrooms of interest that you find to this part of the event!



In-field mushroom seeking and identification


On our second day, we will meet at Fiscalini Ranch Preserve in Cambria for a guided mushroom walkabout and discuss all the fungal friends we find together! We will focus on applying the skills learned Saturday: reading the ecology, mushroom anatomy, field identification, and how to properly photograph mushrooms for identification and iNaturalist. There will be an hour or so at the end for discussion, questions, and integration.

Please plan ahead and bring your lunch & snacks for the day and don’t forget a water vessel. Wear layers and good close-toed hiking shoes. We will move slowly with a lot of spaciousness for questions, how to tell each mushroom apart from another and whatever else you may want to discuss.

* Keep in mind that harvesting mushrooms in Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is prohibited and this is a purely educational walk. 



Taye Bright

Taye Bright

Taye is a mycologist, naturalist and all-around biophile passionate about fungal ecology, plant-fungal symbioses, bioremediation, ethnomycology, community science and conservation.

She is a post-fire bioremediation researcher for the Fire Ecology Network in X-Site Study (FENiXS), a climate adaptation study investigating the effects of microbial and fungal inocula on community resilience and ecosystem recovery. She is also a field mycologist for the California Fungal Diversity Survey project and co-coordinator for the West Coast Rare Fungi challenge. She leads classes, courses, workshops and walks around California and beyond focusing on increasing accessibility of mycological and ecological education outside of conventional academia. Taye is the Education and Outreach coordinator for CoRenewal, on the Conservation and Stewardship committee for the North American Mycological Association, and sits on the board for the Sonoma County Mycological Association and Bay Area Applied Mycology.

Outside of her scientific work, you can find her in the garden talking with birds, painting with mushroom ink, surfing in frigid Pacific waters, studying Scandinavian mythology, cooking up wild foods and reading poetry by the fire.


Ryath Beauchene

Ryath Fujita Beauchene

Ryath started studying mushrooms, plants, and soil 15 years ago and is ongoingly obsessed! He studied ecology and environmental education at Sonoma State University where he received an interdisciplinary BA engaging the cross-sections of outdoor leadership and ecological translation.

It is fair to say these pursuits have thoroughly inculcated his ways of being and tweaked his brain to think differently. Ryath is a mushroom seeker, cultivator, and myco-centric ecological educator, as well as a co-steward of Moon Fruit Mushroom Farm and Symbiiotica. Ryath is also a horticulturist, tree pruner, medicine maker, estate manager, and mushroom growing consultant.

Ryath is curious and enchanted by the world and its myriad expressions, hooked on this life through the lenses of nutrition, ecology, fungi, plants, soil, semantics, scuba diving, herbalism, photography, cooking, and the maintenance of human-made thingamajigs.

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