Tell us a little about yourself?

  • Hi there! My name is Miho and my partner, Mike and I started Plantae + Fungi because we love sharing the incredible healing power of plants and mushrooms and their symbiotic effects when combined and implemented into our daily lives.


What inspired you to start making cbd chocolate and herbal tisanes?

  • My partner and I wanted to bring the medicinal plants and mushrooms we use in our lives in the form of easy and delicious ways to our community as well.


Day in the life of Miho, enjoying a matcha choco and deep focus tincture from baceae

How do you bring the power of plants and mushrooms into your daily life?



Day in the life of Miho, mediation and connecting with Mother Earth

What is your favorite way to connect with Mother Earth?

  • My favorite way to connect with Mama Earth is by meditating and feeling her presence and the sense of being lovingly held. I’m so grateful and lucky to be surrounded by her natural essence everyday by being able to go on long walks every morning and night with my dog, Kumi. We get to breathe the fresh crisp air, see the vastness of the ocean among the Monterey Pines and get to trot along the grassy hills of the California coast. To hear the waves of the ocean under the starry night sky regularly is a true gift I don’t take for granted.


How do you bring sustainability into your life? Any favorite tips or tricks?

  • I practice minimalism as much as possible, but somehow I still end up with stuff! If I buy something I try to get it used first. I also believe in investing in good quality products that last a lifetime rather than getting cheap things that are short lived. I try to reduce plastic use as much as possible (ie. grocery bags, produce bags, etc.) Because of where we live, we rarely eat out, and mainly make our own meals everyday but I find that can help with reduced plastic use especially if you are used to doing take-out. And because I am naturally devoted to my work, I rarely travel so I’m not emitting greenhouse gases through cars/airplanes as much. My commute to work is a 2 minute drive, and eventually my dream is to get an electric bike. I am also very conscious of any chemicals and try to reduce use as much as possible because I know it all ends up in the ocean and/or the land eventually. And I’m not 100% there yet, but about 90% of my wardrobe is made up of all natural fibers but again that’s important to me because whatever we wash directly goes into the ocean. In regards to my diet, I practice plant-forward meals so a majority (75%) of my diet is unprocessed plant based, and the rest (25%) is pasture raised eggs and meats, small fish seafood like anchovies and sardines, and a little goat/sheep dairy. And then of course, as a Californian, I am always conscious of my water use and try to limit as much as possible. I know every action I make ripples out and affects the entire planet.


Day in the life of Miho, walks along the Cambria coastline with her dog, Kumi