We’re on a mission to create a Blue Zone right here in Cambria! đź’™ Blue Zones are areas that contain the highest concentration of centenarians because of certain ways they live their lives. đź’Ż One of those ways is by including wholesome foods into their diet, like highly nutritious mushrooms, seaweed, and herbs—the inspiration for our Blue Zone Mushroom & Seaweed Broth.

With 4 kinds of mushrooms—reishi, porcini, shiitake, and maitake, 2 kinds of seaweed—wakame and dulse, and healthy culinary herbs such as parsley and thyme— our broth is loaded with all the longevity benefits you need to reach 100 years old! This broth includes an array of antioxidants, immunomodulator benefits, heart health benefits, blood sugar and blood pressure balancing properties, as well as a good source of iodine and other minerals and vitamins. Our Blue Zone Mushroom & Seaweed Broth is vitality in a cup!

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