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All About Adaptogens

Adaptogens are some of the the best way to balance the daily stress our bodies experience— both physically and mentally. Adaptogenic herbs, also known as adaptogens, are substances that enhance your ability to resist stress, anxiety, trauma and fatigue – slowly and gently. They’re called adaptogens because of their

Mushroom Grow Kits Guide

What’s wonderful about growing mushrooms, is that it’s accessible for everyone and is made especially easy with a kit. Have you been eying our mushroom grow kits from North Spore and unsure which one is best for your skillset, lifestyle, and climate? Here is our quick start guide to help

Valentine’s Gift Guide

Unsure what to gift your significant other for Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry— our gift guide will take the guess work out of giving. That way you can focus on what really matters— enjoying time spent with your loved ones or even giving yourself a little TLC. ❤️


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