We are proud to be participating in this year’s At Her Table food festival! This is a unique opportunity to support and uplift the women of our community during Women’s History Month, all while enjoying delicious food and drinks from some of the best women chefs in the county.

March 1-10, we will be offering an exclusive Bento Box created by co-owner of Plantae + Fungi, Miho Watanabe. This beautiful, nourishing, and healthful Bento Box is a celebration of Miho’s Japanese heritage and her passion for wellness.

The bento box has its origins in Japan during the Kamakura period (1185-1333) as a single-portion take-out or homemade meal. It was invented by farmers and merchants as a way to bring their lunch with them while they worked. Miho’s Bento Box explores the bento box through to lens of her familial roots in Kagoshima and her love of functional foods that promote health and vitality.

Miho's Bento Box for the At Her Table food festival

Miho’s Bento Box is filled with a rainbow of delicious organic, vegan and fermented delights including:

Natto, an earthy fermented soybean that is high in protein and probiotics. Natto is a food that Miho often ate for breakfast growing up.

Kabocha in Japanese means “pumpkin” and is known for its beautiful edible green skin and its bright orange interior. Miho has taken this winter squash and infused it with a seaweed-based dashi and a subtly sweet Japanese rice wine*, mirin,* which gives the kabocha a savory sweet flavor.

Miho has crafted a Forbidden “Sushi” Rice that is prepared with her familiar childhood flavors of seasoned rice vinegar and her own special blend of seasonings.

Umeboshi is a favorite in Miho’s family. As a child, she would help pick sour plums for her Aunt Hisako, who would use them to dry in the sun on a large bamboo strainer called a bonzaru. After they were perfectly sundried, the plums would be fermented with red shiso leaves, to create the sour and salty umeboshi.

To further highlight some of the delicious produce of Japan, Miho has created a Tsukemono Amazuzuke or sweet veggie pickles made of daikon and carrots.

To add a little spice, Miho has topped her Bento Box with a bright and flavorful Vegan Kimchi from her local friends in Cambria.

As a refreshing compliment to Miho’s Bento Box, we are offering hot cups of our Special Sencha Green Tea, grown by a close family friend on their small farm in Kagoshima.

At Plantae + Fungi, we are fervent fans of both fermented foods and dessert, so Miho has created not one but TWO desserts for her Bento Box. The first is a mouthwatering Amazake Purple Sweet Potato Pudding— featuring the vibrant purple sweet potatoes that grow in the Kagoshima region of Japan where her mother, Atsuko is from. Miho has added her own twist on the traditional amazake or fermented sweet rice drink, with the addition of the purple sweet potato and chia seeds to create a colorful and delicious pudding. Of course, we said TWO desserts… last but certainly not least, Miho’s Matcha Choco CBD + CBG Confection. Miho, a self-taught chocolatier (and co-owner of our sister brand, baceae) has created the Matcha Choco as a celebration of her Japanese heritage. The Matcha Choco is an invigorating and balancing confection that beautifully blends the richness of 66% dark chocolate, the brightness of Japanese ceremonial grade matcha, and the earthiness of lion’s mane mushroom. Combining 30 mg of broad spectrum CBD and 30 mg of CBG, this high-dose confection is delightfully elevating. The 1:1 ratio of CBD and CBG in the Matcha Choco provides energy, focus, and calm, making it a perfect daytime treat.

Visit us at Plantae + Fungi in Cambria from March 1-10 to enjoy Miho’s Bento Box and celebrate Women’s History Month with the At Her Table food festival! 🍱

*Miho’s Bento Box is all vegan and naturally gluten free 💚